Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Summer/winter camp has been fun, even if there are some boring parts.  The other kids are nice, even if we have some weirdos in our tent.  Guess we're all kinda weird in our own way, so that's cool. The guys enjoy hanging out, and I'm staying away from the smokers just like I promised. They've got some epic toys here, but are really strict about people breaking them and stuff, so I haven't gotten to play with most of them.

Our Toy Box

You always said that if it were up to me I'd live in a tent, and I guess this proves you right - but I wanted to let you know that you weren't right about me making my bed, which I actually do without being asked (OK most days I do it)

OK Not Military Standard,
 but Better Than You Thought Right?

We're taking lots of field trips and learning a lot, even though it's still chilly.  During the day the sun comes out and is melting most of the snow away.  We could stand to have a mud room like back home, but the good thing about having everything covered in gravel is that the water just seeps through and the mud isn't bad.  When it gets muddy we just throw some more rocks on and voila, problem solved. :)

Our New Mascot Scruffy

Next week we're thinking about going for a hike, which would be fun if the snow is gone.  I've been trying to stick to my New Years resolution about working out.  Your latest care package didn't really help, but thanks again all the same, they work hard to give us good food, but nothing beats homemade cookies (or circus peanuts).

Our Favorite Local Market...

and a Typical Vendor with his Merchandise...

(just what were you expecting?)

That's about all for now - hope everyone is well at home, talk again soon, miss you.

Love, your son


  1. We are wondering if you are working on any merit badges while you're away at camp. Perhaps Orienteering or Tae Kwon Do or Translation. Maybe a second Eagle Scout project would be in order, like assisting in the building of a hydroelectric plant or an industrial park. (Love your writing, but the penmanship could use some work.)

  2. Loved seeing your daily life like that. Wow, those pics are priceless. Your digs are more humble than I'd imagined. This was the blog post I envisioned way back when:)! Thanks for sharing!