Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Another Day In...

Along the line of a recent post, I thought I'd share some lightly edited email traffic that encapsulates the "flavor" of my experience this year

May 15, 2012

To BRMS (personnel):

There was an threat (to our facility) this morning.  All (personnel) are safe and lock-down procedures were followed.  The... Police completed a search of the BRMS and UID campuses, viewed the threat, evaluated the building security systems and determined that it was safe for (personnel) to remain.

May 23, 2012

This message is a follow up to the BRMS bomb threat received today.  All (personnel) are safe and evacuation procedures were followed.  The BRMS Crisis Response Team completed a search of the BRMS campus, viewed the bomb threat, and determined that it was safe for (personnel) to remain in school.

The Police are investigating the recent anonymous threats.  We appreciate your patience and support as the BRMS (authorities) collaborate to identify the individual(s) who is/are making these unlawful threats.


The (authorities) have been able to determine the source of both email threats that were sent over the past week.  We have turned over all information gathered in our investigation to the Police.  We want to assure all BRMS community members that our building is safe for all.   Additionally we would like to thank the (community and law enforcement).  We are proud of the way our (personnel) handled these situations in a calm and professional way. 

Now - to return to the theme of my experience in Atlanta - that Afghanistan and the U.S. aren't as different as we tend to think - the emails reached me in Afghanistan, but have to do with bomb threats emailed to Browns River Middle School (BRMS) in the great state of Vermont...

Who knew?

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