Friday, April 13, 2012

BAF Bound

For better or worse, and mostly it's worse, I've spent entirely too much time on BAF, coming or going from various conferences, consultations, and ceremonies.

To be fair, BAF it is not without charms, like the 24 hour movie theater that has excellent popcorn, and even got in a shipment of Girl Scout cookies this week. I also don't object to the Pizza Hut (though it's a tad pricey) or to the (free) sausage egg mcmuffin, which is a far better way to start the day than rice and kimchi.

Mostly, it's the congestion and dust that bother me, so I set out in search of the scenic side of BAF (and some exercise, since I just can't bring myself to workout with people who count there pushups and pullups in triple digits...).

Here's what I found: 

BAF Panorama

This is my favorite picture because it has just about everything that defines BAF for me, dust, helicopters, T walls (the big concrete barriers), constant construction work, the soviet legacy (mines), and the stunning backdrop of the snowcapped mountains.

This is part of the infamous burn pits on Bagram

BAF Scenery

The Neighbors

Old School Bunkers (possibly from Soviet era)
reminded me a bit of Normandy

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  1. I recently read an article saying Kimchi was actually really good for you:)!