Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Celebration - Afghanistan Style

Holidays and Birthdays are not generally much fun to celebrate far from home and away from family.

With the obligatory (and sincere) caveat that I would have preferred to celebrate with loved ones, I happened across a pretty awesome way to celebrate.

My Birthday "Candle"


 A Classic Party Favor - ye olde Flash Bang

(this flavor of grenade doesn't have shrapnel, but the flash and bang will stun you, and give the good guys a chance to swoop in, particularly if you are indoors)

Another Favorite - Playdoh

(of course my grumpy guy here is not made with your average modeling clay)

The Obligatory Game of Hide and Go Seek

(turns out camoflague really works...)

Definitely a Birthday Party to Remember (but maybe not repeat)

I'd say more, but would just ruin it. So I'll just say a big thanks to my party organizers and guests for an unforgettable day!!!

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